Wednesday, December 31, 2008

About My Mother

My mother is my partner in crime when it comes to crafts. She loves to knit and work with paper as well. I set up a store for her knits and my other craft products at Since her early retirement due to her weak health she didn't know what to do with her time. Then I told her about Etsy and how she can make things to sell to other people. So she started to knit some scarves, hats, and most recently, baby blankets. She loves to knit because she feels like a regular person again instead of just mulling around doing nothing at home. Her previous occupation was just too stressful for her but knitting soothes her soul. I hope to sell more of her work so she can continue to knit.

Here are some of her latest works:

Pastel Headband
Pastel Hats
Pastel Scarves

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SecretMe said...

excellent, wish I could retire early and create all day, oh well only 38 more years to go....