Friday, November 14, 2008

Ideas for New Craft Desk

I have been shopping around for a new craft desk as I would like to make some changes to my little craft niche. My husband wants to build me one. We'll see about that.

Here are some inspiration:

I would LOVE to have this but it's way over my budget:

From Target, Madison Trestle Desk

Braxton Trestle Desk

From Ikea
this desktopwith these "legs"

I definitely need as much shelving as I can get! I will get another bookcase to line the wall with my current bookcases and place the table in front of it. I will have to make sure I place things strategically on the shelves where the desk will block it so that I don't get in my own way!

Tomorrow we're off to Home Depot to check out prices of lumber.

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MA Shumin (馬淑敏) said...

can't wait for him to build you a new craft desk! I think he will do a good job