Friday, February 27, 2009

The Martha Stewart Show

Yesterday I was at a taping of The Martha Stewart Show. The show will air April 20. I don’t think you’ll see me in the audience as I was seated on the floor (in a chair of course) of the set and the cameras only panned the audience in the higher area. I was very close to the action but the camera crew was always blocking my view so I had to watch from the monitor over her and crane my neck. I also couldn’t get pictures or see the craft area since we weren’t allowed to get out or up from our seats. Bummer on that one.

There were no celebrities and no giveaways, double bummer. I was spoiled when I attended the show for the first time three years ago. We got great gifts then.

The highlight of the show was when Martha Stewart couldn’t get the dessert to release from the tea cup. She said to dip the tea cup into warm but not boiling water. That didn’t work. So someone brought out hot water and she tried it and that didn’t work either. Finally she brought out a blow torch and that worked but the gelatin part of the dessert had melted a bit. She was a good sport and was quite funny but you won’t be able to see this blooper on the actual show.

I love the set so much! I wish this was my kitchen.

This is in the enclosed kitchen. I love all those kitchen tools!

Love the organization!

Love the pan rack!

I'll post a few more pictures for another day. Stay tuned!

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Dashery Jewelry said...

I wish it was my kitchen too! I imagine making my friends and family sit in the audience while I make them cookies!