Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Caught my first cold of the year. Luckily it's not as bad as it could be. I had a fever starting Sunday night into Monday night. Still a bit stuffy and my throat hurts a bit. Right now I'm a little drowsy from the nighttime cold medicine. Sometimes it takes a cold to make me slow down. It really shouldn't be the case. We all need some downtime or ME time once in a while.

This brings me to some self-healing books by Louise L. Hay that I have been reading recently.
You Can Heal Your Life (Gift Edition)

I love how they have such beautiful artwork as I am a visual person. It adds to the message from the author and doesn't distract me like I have read from a reviewer. I was looking for something like an interactive journal and that's how I found the Companion Book first and then learned of her other books. I'm still reading and working on them and listening to the CD version of the 3rd book so I can't say for sure that the affirmations and healing works but at the very least I think it will help me to have more positive outlook in life.

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